May 23, 2024

10 Countries that Smoke the Most Weed

Amongst all hard drugs in the world, Indian hemp, popularly called “weed,” has the highest rate of consumption worldwide. While it has been legalized in some countries, it’s still labeled as illegal in others. Therefore, one would assume this legalization would make these countries the highest weed consumers. However, the narrative seems different. 

Nonetheless, here is the list of the top 10 countries with the highest weed consumption and cannabis stores, according to United Nations data. Enjoy!

1. Iceland

All activities around weed are illegal in Iceland, and you can serve a jail term if caught in its possession. However, they top the list of the countries with the highest weed consumption. They clinch the spot with a whopping 18.3% of their population consuming it.

2. United States of America

The legalization of marijuana in the US has been on the rise. With 33 US states embracing its legalization, 16.3% of the United States population consumes weed, making it the second country with the highest weed consumption.

3. Nigeria

The first African country on the list, Nigeria, has a broad market for weed. Though, it has a federal agency that combats the drug’s processing, trafficking, and consumption. However, the country dominates the African weed consumption space, with 14.3% of the population lighting up this drug annually. 

4. Canada

Here, weed cultivation, transportation, and consumption are only authorized for medicinal purposes. However, its sale is illegal. Nevertheless, this criminalization of weed doesn’t prevent 12.7% of its total population from consuming it.

5. Chile

In Chile, the production and public consumption of weed are highly criminalized. However, its private consumption isn’t. Chile holds the top spot in weed consumption in Latin America, with a population of 11.83% annually smoking it.

6. France

France is considered to have one of the strictest cannabis policies in western Europe. Here, mariijuana is considered illegal. Even the government recently rejected a draft proposing its legal production and use in the country. However, these laws don’t stop 11.1% of its population from taking cannabis.

7. New Zealand

Despite the increasing political efforts to permit the use and production of weed in New Zealand, it remains an illegal drug. However, it is allowed for medical treatments. 11% of its population uses weed, making it the 7th country on our list.

8. Bermuda

While cannabis is also illegal in Bermuda, its medical use is permitted. The country has a medicinal cannabis authority that controls all activities around weed. With a population of 10.9% users, it is the 8th on the list

9. Australia

Australia has a zero-tolerance to the recreational use of cannabis, while its medicinal use is allowed. However, this doesn’t stop 10.2% of its population from “feeling good” with weed.

10. Zambia

Weed is planted and produced legally in Zambia, but its recreational use is still banned. However, it has an annual 9.5% users making it the 10th on the list

According to the list above, weed’s illegalization doesn’t prevent its users from gaining access to it. However, this article is strictly informative and doesn’t promote the recreational use of weed due to its serious repercussions.