June 15, 2024

5 Best Desert Safaris in Dubai You can’t Ignore in 2022?

Although it’s modern and leek, Dubai hides a wealth of heritage under its mall and luxury hotels. You can find vast swathes of red sand dunes in the United Arab Emirates, which will provide you with adrenaline rushes and exotic desert wildlife.

Book a Dubai safari tour to see this vast desert scape firsthand.

You might feel inspired to book your own trip to the Dubai desert if you have already read my 4 Days in Dubai itinerary. To help you make your dream a reality, We have compiled a list of the top desert safaris in Dubai you can Book Now!

Why Not take a Safari tour in Dubai?

First, let’s talk about the Dubai desert. Dubai is built right at the desert foundations. =

You can choose to go to the Margham or Lahbab Deserts, which are located between 50-60km (31-37mil) south of Dubai. The drive time takes around an hour, so it is possible to take a tour even if you only have a few days or are on a long stay in Dubai.

These tours are very well-known because they include a dune-bashing element that will give even the most fearless travelers an adrenaline rush.

The best desert safaris in Dubai offer you an opportunity to experience traditional culture and Bedouin customs. You can also interact with the desert wildlife.

This usually takes the form of a falconry and camel safari, but you can also take wildlife excursions through the Dubai desert conservation reserve. 

Lockdown on one of the Best Dubai Desert Safaris

If you’d like to sit in the back sear or get the controls and ride your own quad bicycle or dune buggy. I’ve listed the most popular, thrilling, and distinctive desert safari tours available in Dubai.

From the Safaris we’ve put together, there are the best safaris for couples, solo adventurers or friends, as well as families. There’s plenty to please everyone and all you need to do is select the one that appeals to you and click  “book”!

Top 5 Best Desert Safaris in Dubai

An important note to mention is that the majority of tours offer pickup and drop-off at your hotel or preferred spot within central Dubai. I have provided the exceptions that apply to this policy. Your pick-up time will generally be one hour prior to the time of the tour. This exact timing will be shared with you upon making your reservation.

Be sure to read the conditions carefully to make sure that the region that you are staying within Dubai is covered by this transfer program. Be aware that religious holidays like Ramadan can affect some aspects of the trips, including dances and cultural performances.

Grab your hat now is the time to read the complete guide to the desert safari!

Which are the best Desert Safaris in Dubai

The five options below are the most well-known safaris in the desert of Dubai in accordance with the reviews of customers who have been there. These tours provide a well-balanced mix of adventures and cultural experiences and come with numerous additional features for those who want to customize your trip. 

Dubai: premium Red Dunes, BBQ at Al Khayma & camel safari

After you’ve built to a full stomach, you’ll be transferred by a shuttle bus to AL Khayma Desert Camp for the evening to relax and enjoy additional activities. 

A short ride on a camel is part of the tour and you can choose to take a second trip to feed your camels on your own. Also, you can participate in various cultural activities, including henna painting and meeting the falcons that live there, and attending a folk dance show.

Other add-ons offer the opportunity to go quad biking or extend the dune bashing activity to the length of. The food is included in the traditional BBQ buffet, but an option is to have a VIP table.

Dubai: Quad Bike, Red Dunes Safari, Camel Ride & Sand Board

The Dubai desert tour is basically on a shortened version of the tour I have on my list. The shorter duration (and the subsequent price reduction) makes this tour is perfect for those with an itinerary that is shorter in Dubai or those with a limited budget. 

The dune bashing part of the safari should last approximately 40 minutes. After that, you’ll be able to take a quick camel ride as well as a bit of sandboarding. If you’d prefer not to take part in the activity, you can just take a break and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding. There are many occasions to snap pictures in the course of the safari.

Dubai: Morning Desert Safari with Sandboarding and Camel Ride

If you find that the dawn is taking you beyond your comfort zone, why not consider a slower safari, with the possibility to include breakfast? This desert safari blends the excitement of sandboarding and dunes bashing on the Dubai desert and the chance to enjoy desert with peace before the tour buses arrive in the afternoon.

After you’ve exhausted yourself of adrenaline, your guide will guide the group towards Al Khayma where you’ll be served typical Arabic Coffee (Gahwa)and dates along with other desserts. After arriving at the camp, you’ll have the opportunity to ride and meet the local camels as well as learn about the Bedouin Lifestyle.

The Sunrise: A 4 Hour Safari from Dubai

If you’ve ever dreamed of watching the sunrise over the Arabian Desert, then this is the perfect Dubai desert safari to go on.

Once you’ve had the early pick-up out the way (don’t fret, you can sleep in your car) your certified guide will take you to dunes that lie in the middle of nowhere where you’ll be able to gaze out to the horizon as it glows with the first light of the sun.

When the sun is making its final climb you’ll be invited to sit down at an Arabian breakfast buffet while watching the show of falcons. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions about desert culture and lifestyle. Also, learn many interesting facts concerning the prey birds in the trip.

Dubai: Red Dunes and Camel Safari and Overnight Camp

After you’ve comfortable after the initial two tours, why not upgrade your desert safari into camping? It’s surely the most thrilling safari experience in Dubai. This option offers you the opportunity to experience the true desert experience by sleeping in the comfort of a Bedouin tent!

After your hotel pickup after which you’ll travel towards the desert, where you can experience a variety of sandboarding dunes bashing as well as camel rides. If you’d like you may also consider quad biking in this phase at an additional cost.

Following all of the fun, you will serve Gaymat along with chai (Arabic tea) prior to settling down to enjoy the sunset at the camp. 

Final Thoughts

This brings my guide for the most exciting excursions in the desert of Dubai to an end. As you’ll see, there’s plenty more to do beyond the excitement of dune bashing. Certain safaris concentrate on nature and heritage while others are specially designed with adrenaline junkies in mind. There is truly an adventure to suit anyone.