July 13, 2024

8 Gorgeous Contemporary Kitchen Ideas That’d Want You Remodel ASAP

It is challenging to narrow down the options when it comes to remodeling your kitchen in a contemporary style. Your plan must be creating a cohesive design that fits your preference and lifestyle. Considering the changes in the future, white shaker kitchen cabinets would be a wise choice for your kitchen area.

Due to its timeless feature, the white shade is highly beneficial for your kitchen cabinets. It works well with any style or pattern. With white cabinetry, your kitchen can convey all the traditional, modern, and contemporary vibes!

Design Your Kitchen in Contemporary Style

You’ll find unlimited results when you search contemporary kitchen styles on the internet. In case you need some selective choices, take some inspiration from these contemporary kitchen designs from our experts.

1.   Introduce a Bold Color

Your kitchen must be able to effectively store the essentials and offer an elegant vibe at the same time. So, you must prioritize the cabinets while remodeling your kitchen. When you have a light, muted shade in the cabinet area, adding a bold and bright color will not mess up the atmosphere.

A bright navy blue or green emerald shade of the kitchen island cupboards will blend magically with white shaker kitchen cabinets. Also, you can introduce the bold color in a large number of areas, starting from your cabinets to the island. The matching appliances in the same shade can create a one-of-a-kind vibe.

2.   Go for Minimalism

Opting for minimalist kitchens is another practical option for smart contemporary kitchens. It is all about “subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

For minimalist kitchen design, a kitchen must contain fewer elements around and more space. That is why cabinets are a major point to focus on simplicity and minimalism. The cabinets allow more concealed spaces that offer a clean and tidy kitchen look. L-shape is one of the most common contemporary kitchen cabinet designs.


You can incorporate some integrated appliances to maximize ease and space. Smart storage ideas, such as placing the microwave or freezer inside the cupboards, are also effective.

3.   Say Yes to an All-white Kitchen

It’s not true that an all-white kitchen looks ordinary or boring. A beautiful white kitchen is so perfect to create an aesthetic atmosphere. It should be considered timeless more than trendy. An organized all-white kitchen embraces a sophisticated look in the long run.


A modern white kitchen offers a clean and bright atmosphere that will never go out of style. At Cabinet DIY, you will find white shaker kitchen cabinets that help create such a victorious kitchen look. It’s also a smart choice when you have a tiny kitchen space. An all-white kitchen makes your space look airy and bigger.

4.   Include a Unique Backsplash

It is not always necessary to build a strong, patterned wall. You must think out of the box and consider something else as the backsplash. For example, you can set a window with glass instead of a conventional wall. In fact, it is trendy and looks attractive in contemporary kitchens.

5.   Install an Attractive Light Fixture

As kitchens are mainly utilized for preparing food, natural lights are always recommended for kitchen areas. A modern pendant lamp or statement chandelier would be ideal for a contemporary kitchen. It adds a warm touch to your modular kitchen.

To enhance the brightness more, you can fix modern LED lights under the cabinets and over the cooking area. It creates a bright cooking point and makes your kitchen more functional. The non-protruding ceiling lights are also trendy to offer an illusion of a spaced-out, cleaner, and symmetrical look.

6.   Create a Monochromatic Color Scheme

For a contemporary kitchen atmosphere, a monochromatic color palette is significant. Besides lighter shades like beige, gray, and other muted colors make a bold statement in a modern kitchen.

The clean essence of such a single monochromatic shade, across your wall, cabinetry, and counters, offers a stunning modular kitchen appearance.

7.   Open Up Your Kitchen Space

There was a time when the kitchen was a room used only for cooking. But in recent days, most activities of a family are performed in the kitchen area.

An open kitchen connects your cooking space smoothly to the entire house. So, you can interact with your family members while cooking. Most open kitchens include a large island which makes the kitchen more useful. It may contain cupboards, a sink, or be used as an eat-in counter.

An open modular kitchen transforms the look of an entire house through its unique layouts. The trending open kitchens make a room feel larger and more approachable. This type of kitchen has better ventilation due to more airflow.

Still, if you need some privacy, you can consider having a sliding door. So, decide the layout, select the theme, and choose the right color palette for your modern open kitchen.

8.   Add Plants in the Kitchen Area

Placing plants in an indoor space makes it feel more intimate and personalized. Whenever guests enter the kitchen space, they may notice the plants first. A pigment of greenery in front of white shaker kitchen cabinets will add a special charm to your kitchen area.

Choosing the right cabinets is important while designing the heart of your home, for they create the focal point. If you are still perplexed about your cabinet designs, experts at Cabinet DIY are there to suggest and guide you.