May 23, 2024

A Guide To Knowing And Using Herbal Tinctures

A herbalist tincture is a concentrated form of liquid prepared by soaking parts of an herb in a liquid like vinegar or alcohol for several weeks on end. The preparation method yields a product that has all or most of the attributes. If you have been hearing about herbalist tinctures and want to know more about using them, this post will help.

Buying a Prepared Product Best

While some people attempt to create herbal tinctures on their own at home, it may not be a very good idea. Understand that certain parts of a plant may not be safe and actually toxic to human beings. Touching them with your hands may cause negative side effects. Instead, buying a product from a quality brand will ensure you can use it more effectively and not harm yourself in the process.

Variety of Herbal Tinctures Available

There is no dearth of herbal tinctures you can use. Some most popular ones you will find are:

  • Acacia: This is one tincture that will relieve joint and muscle pain, reduce body fat percentage and also promote better oral health.
  • Acai: It promotes antioxidants in the body and protects cells from damage. It also stimulates the immune system, lower blood sugar levels, and reduces swelling.
  • African Mango: Another popular tincture that many people have found help with is African Mango. It promotes bone health and is good for joint and knee pains.
  • Air Yam: This protects the cells and prevents cell damage from happening.
  • Elderberry: This is an herb that has been known for its medicinal properties for decades. It has a high concentration of antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation.

How to Use Herbal Tinctures

Here’s how you can use one: shake the tincture bottle well before use. Now use a small syringe or a dropper and fill it with the tincture. Drop the tincture into your mouth just below the tongue. Make sure that you hold it for a few seconds before you swallow.

Herbal tinctures are known for their strong and bitter taste. That is why you must rinse the mouth thoroughly with water right after. Some people brush their teeth to ensure that there is no bitterness left.

The dosage depends on your age but never take in more than two small droppers full of the tincture. It is best to keep tinctures away from children unless a health practitioner has recommended them.

Host of Reasons to Use Herbal Tinctures

You will be able to find a tincture that helps with your particular ailment. Whether you are suffering from pains and aches in the body, erectile dysfunction, low sexual libido, or infertility, find a product that can complement any treatment plan you are undergoing. Other common reasons people use herbal tinctures are:

  • Treatment of anxiety and stress
  • To calm the mind and body
  • Pain relief
  • To get better sleep at night
  • For better mental health
  • For more energy
  • To help with digestive issues

Tinctures can be an ideal option to improve physical and mental health parameters. As alternative medicines come into people’s purview, they are more likely to try herbal tinctures to feel better. Buy from a brand that promises safe herbal products that have passed through stringent quality control. At Hawaii Pharm, get your hands on high-quality herbalist tinctures. The brand is known for helping you get its products within a few hours at your doorstep.