June 15, 2024

Cockroach Control Tips to Keep in Mind to Prevent an Infestation

Cockroaches are gross, so you will do everything to free your home of these pests. You must learn about the kinds and habits of roaches because they can spread diseases and trigger allergies in some people. Effective pest control for roaches involves both prevention and elimination. 

Roaches are common in Denver. While the city is home to a lot of kinds of terrain, the warm, humid climate provides perfect conditions for roaches to thrive, particularly during rainy seasons. 

Kinds of Cockroaches in Denver

A lot of people believe that roaches are just one type of species. However, the truth is that there are several species of roaches available. Knowing the kinds of cockroaches that infest your home can make it easier to address the problem. 

  • German roaches. These roaches are quite common in homes. They can lay more than 40 eggs at once. This rapid reproduction means that a simple roach issue can quickly lead to a full-blown infestation when left unchecked. The body of a German roach is flat and light brown. Behind its head are two black stripes. 
  • Oriental roaches. These roaches are drawn to wet conditions. They prefer damp areas, so they seek out sewers and drains to live in. The majority of these species are about an inch long. Their shiny black bodies make them easy to identify. 

How to Know You Have a Roach Issue

Below are signs that you have a roach issue to address:

  • Feces. Roach feces look like coffee grounds.
  • Smear marks. These are due to smeared feces.
  • Ootheca. The presence of these egg capsules indicates a roach issue. 
  • Musty odors. Roach feces and dead bodies give off these pervasive odors. 
  • Empty skin shed.  Whenever roaches molt, they leave behind empty skin sheds. 
  • Paper product damage. Roaches can damage your cardboard, wallpaper, and books. 
  • Live roaches. Spotting live roaches around your house is a clear indication of a roach infestation. these pests are mostly active at night when people often sleep. 

Preventing Cockroaches from Invading Your House

Below are tips you can follow to prevent a roach infestation:

  • Seal entry points. Roaches will use cracks in caulking, structure crevices, and gaps under doors to enter your home. To prevent entry, examine your house to find possible entry points and seal them up. 
  • Repair plumbing leaks. All roach species need water to survive. They can obtain the moisture they need from leaky pipes and taps. To make your home less attractive to these pests, repair plumbing problems. 
  • Keep the trash out regularly. Open trash can draw roaches searching for food. So, ensure all trash cans are covered with tight-sealing lids. As you deal with an existing infestation, get rid of indoor garbage from your bathroom and kitchen every day.
  • Keep your house clean. Roaches can infest even the cleanest home. Even tiny food scraps or pet food can offer an attractive food source for roaches. But cleaning your house regularly can reduce their access to food. Your cleaning routine must include wiping down tables and counters, mopping the floor every week, and vacuuming every day.