July 13, 2024

Common Teeth Problems an Orthodontist Can Fix

Getting perfectly aligned teeth and smiling is a dream of all patients. Thus, they visit an orthodontist in Fullerton, CA. Orthodontists treat a variety of dental problems. Here, we will talk about some common dental problems treated by orthodontists. Here we go!

Teeth Issues Fixed By An Orthodontist 

1. Overcrowding and teeth spacing 

Overcrowded and irregularly spaced teeth are common. Braces can readily straighten crooked and overcrowded teeth in addition to gaps and voids in the teeth. Braces give assistance in moving your teeth. It helps in bringing your teeth into an aligned position. 

2. Misaligned jaw 

A misaligned jaw is generally the result of an uneven bite. If your teeth are misaligned, it causes a lot of pain. Orthodontic treatment helps correct your jaw by straightening your teeth. Additionally, straightening your crooked jaw enhances your facial structure. Your face might, therefore, appear more even and symmetrical.

3. Under and overbites 

Braces can treat malocclusion issues, also called overbites and underbites, because of the mild pressure the appliances provide to the teeth and jaw. Certain orthodontic options may be more suitable based on the severity of the malocclusion. 

4. Open bites 

Although open bites are not always related to malocclusion, they are typically the result of thumb-sucking or excessive pacifier use. As a result, there is a significant void in the front upper and lower teeth. When their baby teeth fall out, and they stop sucking their thumbs or using pacifiers, most kids will outgrow an open bite. Permanent teeth, however, may still be impacted in some circumstances. Open bites can also be successfully treated with braces.

5. Chewing and speaking problems 

Misaligned teeth can cause problems with speech and chewing. Having trouble chewing particular meals or speaking effectively might be caused by malocclusion disorders, overcrowding, and crooked teeth. In fact, braces are frequently used to treat minor speech impairments. Most of this correction is achieved by realigning the jaw, which impacts speech and chewing patterns. A more uniform contact between your upper and lower teeth can help pronunciation and bite.

Wrapping Up 

With the help of an orthodontist, you can get the best dental solutions for these conditions. Visit your nearby orthodontist today and correct your misalignment issues.