June 15, 2024

Bruce Weber Photographer Gives a General Insight into Magazine Cover Photography

The very first thing people notice when checking out magazines is their cover. If the cover manages to catch their eye and impress them, a person would be highly likely to buy the relevant magazine. A great magazine cover photograph and design will not only help in selling it better, but will also make people curious and encourage them to explore the whole magazine. Experienced professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer are well-acquainted with how to click eye-catching images for magazine covers.  In fact, his very fashion photography first appeared in the late 1970s in GQ magazine, in which he had frequent cover photos as well.

The main image of magazine covers tends to be a reparative illustration of the content within the magazine. It must perfectly reflect what the issue is all about. Major magazines companies get photo shoots done by celebrities and well-known photographers to have images that can easily trigger an emotion. 

For a magazine cover image, the top one-third of the image should not contain the subject, as that is where the cover masthead text would be printed. This area of the image should ideally have a non-distracting background and be subtle enough so as to not draw away attention from the text. In many cover shoots, the subject is centered horizontally and then located from the center and down to the bottom one third vertically in the image.  Even though such an approach goes against the rule of thirds, it is good for cover shoots. For magazine covers, “bulls-eyeing” a bit lower than center works the best.  Photographers should try to take a few extra shots considering how the image could be used in the cover and also place the subject as per its accordance.  Most publications make use of images in the vertical format. A cover page typically measures 8 ½ inches wide by 11 inches long, and as a result, the vertical format tends to be a perfect fit.

While planning for a cover photo shoot, it will be smart to check the past issues of the publication and observe the text color on the cover in particular. In case the publication uses a consistent color from cover to cover, then one should try to make sure that area on their potential cover image has a contrasting hue. Otherwise, the text would not properly show through. For any photographer, seeing their image published on a magazine cover is as exciting and rewarding as it is for writers to find their articles being published as features.  Hence, one should try to give their best shot for such photo shoots. Exploring the works of professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer can be a great way to gain inspiration for the shoots. Bruce Weber has worked with several renowned magazines over the years. Hence, examples of his work can be easily found by people online.