June 22, 2024

Guide for first-time e-commerce importers

You have to have some clearances and technical know-how for importing and distributing goods. Customs clearance is the first step you need to move your goods in and out of the country. 

Even for imports from FTA countries, customs clearance is essential. Similarly, if you are selling products through e-commerce sites like Amazon, you have to get the goods delivered at the company warehouses. 

Conventionally, it is a very tedious job. But with call center outsourcing solutions online service providers, it is getting easier. For instance, ClearitUSA.com FBA freight forwarding and customs clearance services can resolve all your customs-related dilemmas. These customs clearance firms have excellent freight forwarding services, ensuring timely delivery of goods at the warehouses. 

What is customs clearance?

Customs clearance is permission from the U.S customs department to import overseas products to the country. 

It is applicable for air, truck, and ocean cargo. Only after getting the approvals, the products will get shipped from the country of origin. Even for personal imports, customs clearance is mandatory. 

What documents do you need for customs clearance?

In most cases, you only need the commercial invoice. However, for some shipments, you will need ISF filing, airway bills, bills of lading, etc. 

As per your unique requirement, the online brokerage agents will advise you in advance on what documents you have to submit. 

Since your broker will review everything you submit before sending them for clearance, you have nothing to worry about!

Why choose an online customs broker?

Traditional brokerage services charge higher fees and take a longer time to get the customs clearance. 

However, if you create an account with online broker websites like Clearit USA and submit all the necessary documents for the air rifles, you will get the clearance in a few hours. Such websites even have dedicated agents to give you live updates. 

How to choose an online customs broker?

You can check out the websites to see the average time they take to get the clearance done. See if the site offers dedicated agents who will communicate with you throughout the process. 

Cost is also a limiting factor for choosing online brokers. Some brokerage sites keep the charges extremely low to keep the offer attractive. But there will be hidden charges that they will ask you to pay at the end of the process. 

You have to check client testimonials and online reviews to avoid such situations. 

Final takeaways 

It is always better to rely on an experienced online broker to get your customs clearance in time. By finding an efficient brokerage service, you can have a long-term solution to logistic difficulties in your business.