June 20, 2024

Here’s a Quick Guide to Meeting SCIP Guidelines

It has been mandated since the January of 2021 that every supplier and product manufacturer need to provide information about the products and follow certain regulations while continuing their operations. They must be updating and providing the information based on Article 33 (1) of the REACH regulation to the SCIP database of the ECHA. The notification duty of the SCIP will get applied from that particular date onwards. 

The SCIP will be providing information to the companies who are involved in treating and recycling waste about the SVHC materials. Upon having the right knowledge about the chemical dangers and recyclability of chemicals, the companies and the workers will be safeguarded. To meet the SCIP requirements, you need to efficiently follow this guide.

  • Begin by checking what your end product is and the components that are involved in it. Check if they are concerning the SCIP requirements or abiding by them. You should concentrate on each of the relevant articles and not forget that the provisions of the directive apply to a broader group.
  • Check the obligations your company has concerning the SCIP reporting norms. You should have the reports and the grounds on which you should be reporting them.
  • The next step involves mapping all the relevant components used to the suppliers who have been providing you with them. Next, go to the SCIP data archives and find the existing suppliers and their SCIP information to recognise if any data is missing.
  • Compile all the supplier information and separate the EU suppliers meticulously from the non-EU suppliers.
  • Contact all those suppliers who are missing documentation. The documents might involve the supplier SCIP identifiers, compliance certificates or other information which concerns your SCIP notification duties. Use a supplier compliance portal to establish an effective communication channel.
  • Encouraging the suppliers to register themselves in the ECHA’s SCIP database is your next step.
  • Draft an SCIP notification to have all the information you need to meet the SCIP requirements.
  • It is best to submit the SCIP notification before the due date and send the compliance certificate to your clients.
  • Keep a close check on the ECHA’s candidate list to know if any new substance has been added to it. You can update your information likewise if needed.
  • Maintain regular communication with the suppliers to address issues or misinformation.

The Enviropass REACH SCIP will help you stay complied according to the guidelines always.