June 15, 2024

How shall I manage to study abroad if I am from a middle class family?

As a student, if you are seeking the best path for your education and subsequent career – moving abroad makes the most sense. From the added flexibility to the character building that occurs when living independently, studying overseas makes a difference in preparing you for life.

However, for a lot of people, this remains a dream. Rising costs of living all over the world make it hard for most middle class families to fund education for one member of the family. From college tuition to food, accommodation and daily expenses, costs rise quickly and can often be very prohibitive.

But, over the years, many families have beaten the stereotype and sent their kids to a overseas for further education. These students have then gone on to have successful careers, encouraging more to pursue this avenue to complete their education.

How to manage finance/expenses?

An average middle class family may not be readily able to afford an overseas education. Putting decades of savings on the line is a no-go in most cases, but the Catch-22 facing parents is that they want the finest and the best for their kids.

The ambition of both parents and students to pursue an overseas education sees them explore multiple options when it comes to how they finance the same.

Bank loans are the most common option. An education loan has various benefits applied to it by Indian authorities, allowing for a lower interest rate. Most families will opt to take on such a loan, which has a reasonable period in which it must be repaid. If the student excels at their course and places well from their institute, they can pay back the entire loan in 1 to 2.5 years!

However, many families will be wary of taking on a loan. For these families, mostly focus on academic excellence, which leads to scholarships. An impressively made profile is essential to receive scholarships, whether they are partial or fully inclusive – and the students must position themselves as an excellent candidate in all departments.

Another avenue to pursue for students wishing to study abroad is to find courses and countries that offer a highly subsidized or even free education. Many universities across Europe, in particular Germany, are funded by the government and encourage overseas students to propagate diversity among their ranks. If the application process is done well, then admissions are there for the taking in even the most prestigious institutes in the world. Parents will also be unburdened by any loads or scholarships while still giving their kids the education they deserve!

Students themselves can contribute towards the expenses of studying abroad by finding part time work and even by working full time in their vacations. A good part or full time job should easily allow students to reduce the burden on their families.

Cost cutting – Accommodations & travellings

There are numerous other ways to cut costs when studying abroad. Mainly, these revolve around your accommodation and travel. If you are used to driving or taking a taxi to your college, you will be shocked to know the cost of having your own car or hailing an Uber overseas. Instead, most students use local infrastructures such as buses, trains or the metro to get from their accommodations to the campus.

In terms of accommodation, while the on-campus housing is often the best option when it comes to cutting costs, these are often taken very early and are impossible to get a hold of. If you have family in the city where your campus is located, staying with them while you build up some savings by working part-time might be a good solution.

Another solution is to find a host family to take you in. Choosing to live with a host family means adapting their traditions and settling into their environment. This includes learning about their eating habits, their language and even their traditions. Living with a host family also immerses yourself in the city your campus is in. You will experience the host city as if you are a local instead of a guest or a tourist.


Getting into a prestigious institute is half the battle, but being able to afford the cost of living overseas can sometimes be too much for a middle class family. These tips and tricks should help you to reduce your costs and to avoid you breaking the bank for a world-class education.

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