June 20, 2024

How to remove oil stains from wall-to-wall carpet

Carpeting requires a high level of maintenance like occasional cleaning and regular vacuuming.  Due to its ability to attract dust and stain, wall to wall carpet is very sensitive in this regard. There are many reasons to have well maintain carpets because,

  • Carpeting adds style, beauty, and value to your habitation.
  • It’s a passive air filter trapping dust, dirt, and pollen and removing it from breathing spaces.
  • Carpets are the natural thermal insulation their tiny fiber traps the air.
  • Improvement of indoor climate, sound absorption, safe and warm, comfortable and luxurious all these are the advantages due to which one is preferring carpeting for the house.
  • Carpet is a only sustainable choice but also improves the air quality.
  • Carpets provide cushioning effect; it not only has shock-absorbing property but also provide comfortable touch when one can walk and sit over them.

Different methods of carpet cleaning 

Carpet owners must be aware of the most affordable cleaning method which are also the best option for their fabric durability and removal of stain including

  • Steam cleaning; which removes most of the dirt and bacteria from carpeting.
  • Dry cleaning is the other option.
  • Carpet shampooing, foam cleaning carpeting, bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction are also some other methods of carpet cleaning

How to get rid of oil stains of carpets?

As carpets are very sensitive and easily prone to get stained by liquids such as ink, drinks, oil, and many others. Among these oil stains are stubborn and hard to remove as it penetrates into the carpet fiber. They are unsightly, dark patchy blot and dangerous because it gets darker and tough to remove over time. One should know how to get rid of the oil stains from carpets, the most common and popular ways among people are as follow:

  • When you are trying to remove the cooking oil stain, the initial step is to blot the oil with paper towel. Ensure that you are blotting not wiping as it causes the spreading of oil onto the whole area.
  • After this step apply rubbing alcohol on to the stain. Now mix water (one quartz) with the one fourth of dish washing liquid which must be of a brand and free from lanolin and bleach.
  • Apply this mixture on to the stain with the help of sponge and clean it until the stain is no longer visible.

If your carpet gets stained with the motor oil then in such case the procedure to follow is:

  • Scrape off the oil with butter knife, don’t press to hard as you don’t want your carpet fibers get damage
  • Sprinkle the corn starch on it and let it sit for approx. 15 minutes. Vacuum the carpet.
  • Apply dry cleaning solvent onto the piece of cloth and apply it to the motor oil stain. Blot the stain with a clean cloth; in case if stain is still visualizing then take two cups of hot water and one teaspoon of white vinegar along with the liquid dishwashing detergent.
  • Apply the solution onto the stained area and let the solution work to remove the remaining oil residue.
  • Rinse that area with cold water and let it dry and then you can witness the no more visibility of oil stain.