February 22, 2024

How to Use Instagram Reels to Promote your Small Business?

Instagram is one leading social media applications that are found in almost every gadget in the present day. The level of advancements offered by Instagram makes it entertaining and equally useful to millions of people around the world. Influencers and entrepreneurs use Instagram to get established and take their products and services to the eyesight of the ultimate consumers. 

Small businesses have started to take advantage of Instagram to develop their business. Innovative techniques are invented every other hour to make themselves and their business in the spotlight. One such technique that is used by businesses is Instagram Reels which are made informative, innovative, and equally entertaining.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Reels are short videos that can be made for a time limit of 60 seconds. Instagram launched the reels feature in 2020 to encourage users to make short videos. Reels can be made with interesting filters and effects that can be uploaded to the feed and also be shared with others. You can easily get established on the platform if you find out innovative techniques to make your reels.

How To Use Instagram Reels To Promote Your Small Business?

  • Do innovative reels

Reels can be made in several ways. Take enough time to make innovative reels. Innovative reels will captivate quick attention and will direct viewers to your feed. This will make your business grow as the viewers may turn into your customers.

  • Make informative reels

Make sure to provide as much information in the time. Informative content will make the viewers clear about all the questions that pop up in their minds. A complete description is not possible in the given 60 seconds but a brief idea about your product will give them a clear picture that they are at the right place. So try to be clear and precise in your reels about your business and products.

  • Talk about yourself before your business

Customers will want to know the person behind the product before they invest in it. So make sure to post a few reels about yourself before you talk about your product in it. This will build a sense of trust among the viewers. A simple gist about yourself is all that is needed. You can also talk about your inspiration to build the brand and the product in the reel.

  • Be truthful

Be faithful and true to your followers and all the viewers. Do not provide fake information in the reels to promote your product. You will have to be answerable to your customers at some point in your business. So make sure to submit only facts in your reels.

  • Use hashtags for your reels

Place the right hashtags for your reels. You can use general hashtags to an extent. Over usage of general hashtags will spoil the purpose of your reel. You can place relevant hashtags for the reels so that people will be able to find you easily. You can place up to a count of 30 hashtags. Make use of these hashtags effectively.

  • Use captions

Using effective descriptions for your reels is a mandatory part to promote your business. Be wise when you choose words for your description because the next element people view after the reels are the captions. Single-liner captions can also do the purpose effectively if you are strong with words. 

  • Use trending sounds

Trending sounds and music can be used to make your reels. People are likely to end up in your reels when they are looking for trending audio. Viewers are also attracted to these sounds which may also result in sharing of those reels. This will spread the word about your business. So make use of the trending sounds and music to get the reach.

  • Be consistent with your reels

You will build a strong foundation in the minds of your viewers and followers if you are consistent with your reels. If you do not maintain a frequency, likely, your followers will gradually forget you and your business will be at stake. It is a good option to maintain a calendar handy so that you will not run out of reels. 

  • Reap the power of giveaways

Giveaways can be a part of your reels. Giveaways usually gain the maximum attention because viewers and followers share the information with their friends, and family and also post it on their stories and feed. This will make your business gain reach. Giveaways are not mandatory and entirely depend on your strength. If not very frequently, it can be done once in a while to capture attention and increase your followers count.

  • Encourage collaboration

Collaboration can also be done to promote your business. Paid collaborations are the usual way on Instagram these days. You can ask for the collaborator to post up the promotion in the form of reels on their feed and stories. Reels usually gain maximum attention and buy Instagram tv views which in turn can also cut down your costs of collaboration.

  • Show how your products are being made in the reels

You can show a gist of your production techniques in the reels. You can also make your workers speak in the reels. This will make them happy that their views are being expressed and respected. Viewers and consumers will develop a sense of trust and faith in your brand if you show them the production of your products. Since all the communication is being done online, will make the consumers confident enough to trust your product and also more views for reels videos. 

  • Post consumers feedbacks

A compilation reel of your loyal customers can be posted. This will help you grow your business because nothing can beat the power of your customers’ words. You can also request your customers to share the videos of unpacking and usage. 


Growing your business on Instagram can be done through a variety of techniques. One such productive way is using the power of reels. Reels can be used innovatively and effectively to promote your business. Now that you possess knowledge of how to grow your business through Instagram reels, put them to use efficiently. Hope our article has served its purpose and has furnished you with enough information.