July 13, 2024

Jeans That Give You The “Long Legs” Look

A good pair of jeans will never be replaced by anything, and we mean nothing. There are a bewildering variety of cuts and designs to choose from if you’re talking about variety, but we know how it is with jeans. Despite the fantastic trends that are out there, we stick with the ones we prefer, and they end up becoming the mainstays of our wardrobe. They might be one of the clothing items that get worn out the most due to this. On the other hand, they are simple to carry, may be dressed up or down, and sure, anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in jeans hasn’t yet found their ideal pair. Choose from either skinny jeans, bootcut cut or skim fit jeans. 

The different jeans that will give you the long legs look

Skinny jeans

Skinnies are a favourite of all denim wearers and will never go out of style. However, there are ways to style them, whether summer, fall, winter, or spring, to achieve the desired effects. To ensure that you constantly seem elegant and fashionable, pair them with simple t-shirts, button-down shirts, pullovers, and anything else.

Bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans are not only one of the top styles of jeans for girls, but they’re also a vibe. They are pretty similar to flared jeans but still nothing like them. Whether it’s furniture, artwork, or fashion, the 1990s are making a solid comeback. Like many other items from the era, bootcut jeans have seen a stunning comeback, and we’re all for it.

There isn’t a single excuse not to adore them for all they have to offer, including a casual yet stylish appeal and the title of fashion icon among your group of friends. They are classics in the denim scene.

Slim-fit jeans

The straight, skinny legs of slim-fit jeans define this classic wardrobe design. With the exception of the 8-line/hourglass, these jeans look well on the majority of body types and go well with both heels and flats. The H-line body shape works particularly well with straight-leg jeans. Choose a dark wash for a classic aesthetic or a loved-up style for a modern appearance. Put on with folded cuffs for a casual twist.

How to style different types of jeans

  • Choose any of the jeans mentioned above and put on your favourite sweater and flats.
  • Wear a striped cami top over a distressed denim jacket for a fashion-forward collegiate #OOTD. Add white sneakers and pants to complete the ensemble.
  • Any of the aforementioned jeans would look great with a sweatshirt for a quick chat with your pal.


Many of us were able to replace our work clothing with loungewear, athleisure, and pyjamas in 2020, thanks to stay-at-home jobs. However, we’ve been itching to dress up, although this has been a comfortable year in terms of clothing, and what better way to accomplish it than with a good pair of jeans? So far, 2021 has provided us with great jeans that are both stylish and comfortable. Choose from the above-mentioned jeans for a long- legs look and change how you dress. Head over to the Vero Moda website to buy these and other styles!