June 20, 2024

A home is where you can live peacefully. It is a place where you would want to come and rest after a long day. Whether it is a huge bungalow or a small cottage, everyone has a different place in their hearts for their homes. Just like that another type of home is a loft house (บ้าน ปูน ล อ ฟ ท์, which is the term in Thai). In this article, we will give you all the required information and the possible pros and cons of a loft apartment. So if you are thinking of living in a loft house, you will have a clear picture of it by the end.


· You Can Have A Lot Of Space.

Since it is an open area, you will have many empty spaces. There will be freedom to organize stuff according to you. Ample space will be there, which is suitable for claustrophobic people.

· You Can Have A Lot Of Light.

Lofts have perfect lighting. Because of huge windows and a high ceiling, the space looks even more extensive, and natural light keeps coming in. It can be great if you are on savings because your electricity bill is cutting.

· You Get The Chance To Make A Structure Of The Home.

You are independent in making the map of the home according to you. For example, you can have the living room wherever you want. There is no predetermined layout of the house. You can even amend it anytime you want.


· Lack Of Privacy.

Since it is a hall-like area, there is less or no chance of privacy if you live with anyone else. Especially if you have kids, living in a loft would be pretty inconvenient for you and your partner.

· Lack Of Traditional Storage Space.

Traditional storage spaces play a significant role in a typical home. You would not have access to that in a loft. Although you can purchase extra storage per your needs, the only headache would be the designing of the home, as in where to keep the storage items.

This Brings Us To…

So we hope that you have made up your mind about whether to go for a loft-style apartment or not. We have covered all the essential information you might need, so the end conclusion is yours. A loft can be an excellent option if you are creative enough.