July 13, 2024

The Most Refined Metal In The Finest Brand Of Watches 

Our planet earth is blessed with many types of metals. The finest ones are found at every corner. The finest ones are also known as Rolex Daytona (โรเล็กซ์เดโทน่า, which is the term in Thai) are known to all the fashion admirers. This most refined metal is among the most valued ones globally. Many finest metals are found in watches and jewellery. The finest metals are displayed in such forms. One can find many other metals that are valuable and very charming. Let us see some of the metals that are highly known for fashionistas. 

One will see the value of the product differing depending on these metals.  


The strongest and the most refined metal is Platinum. The grey colour and complexion make it an elegant form of metal. One can find Platinum in many precious pieces of wear. Some of them include a couple of pieces of jewellery as well, such as:

  • Watch
  • Rings
  • Pendant
  • Chains

It has become a premium choice of metal for everyone. 


The oldest known metal is steel. Oyster steel is one of the finest metals used in Rolex Daytona. This steel provides a good effect on the display. Many watches under this category have steel and oyster steel used as primary metals. Steel with gold is the most loved combination, and one can find many watches under the Rolex with the same variety. With multiple colours and designs, one can see the most delicate art made by this combination. The new versions of many such pieces approve such metals. 

White Gold 

White gold is a pure form of gold. One can find many options of jewellery that one can find. White gold is loved and admired by many fashionistas, and white golds provide an elegant look. The strength is another factor that made it a suitable choice for investment.

Many can find similarities among white gold, silver, and nickel, but there are differences. White gold is often used in watches and high-rated jewels, and there is no difference between yellow gold and white gold; the value is the same. 

The high purity of white gold makes it a classic choice for many. Such traditional metal is seen in 40mm of Rolex Dayton categories. The elegance of these watches is maintained with the help of this metal. The charm of many metals is displayed in white gold.