June 15, 2024

Tips for Having Fun This Summer Without Using Drugs as per Taylor

In the summer, people tend to congregate outside for parties and other activities, where they are more likely to be able to take advantage of the warm weather by relaxing with a drink or two. No one anticipates that people recovering from addiction would stay inside all day, every day, throughout the summer. They must find a way to participate in summer celebrations without breaking their sobriety, which requires them to abstain from alcohol and drugs. To that end, we’d like to provide you with the following suggestions for a drug-free summer:

  1. Organize the Event

Gatherings in the summer are not necessarily the safest places to be because of the prevalence of drugs and alcohol. If you’re the one hosting the get-togethers, though, you get to decide what goes on. And what if you turned your house into the summer party spot where everyone stayed sober? That way, you can customize the menu items and drinks. As a host, you have the right to request that your visitors not use drugs during their stay. To have fun without alcohol, you have to be very creative with your food, drinks, games, and entertainment.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is always part of the treatment plans at addiction centers. Physical activity can help you maintain your sobriety. Aside from helping you feel better overall, working out may also improve your quality of life in several specific ways. When you’re feeling well, practising the coping strategies you’ve developed in therapy is easier. Regular exercise aids sobriety by improving sleep, energy, and clarity of mind. More than that, exercise raises levels of the feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which elevate your mood.

Staying active over the summer can help you resist the call of the beer cooler and control your alcohol consumption.

  1. Hold a non-alcoholic drink at all times

Avoid giving in to alcohol cravings this summer by always having a non-alcoholic beverage handy. Find something delicious. Sobriety is aided by allowing this reward. If you already have a drink in your hand, people are less inclined to give you another.

  1. Have a backup escape plan

Have a backup plan ready for times when you need to escape away from a potentially dangerous scenario. Seek help from someone who is understanding and will not pass judgment. If you’re having a tough time, you can call them, and they’ll pick you up and take you somewhere more positive. Perhaps they’ll pick you up and take you home to watch a movie.

Taylor Recovery Center Offers One of a Kind Help in Maintaining Sobriety

In need of a little more support this summer for sobriety? You can get the guidance and support you need to enjoy a drug-free summer at an IOP near you. Group and individual therapy, as well as classes on addiction and staying clean, are all part of Taylor Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Get in touch with an Addiction Specialist at Taylor Recovery Center in Dallas, if you or a beloved one are battling a substance use disorder.