July 13, 2024

Top 5 Reasons For Air Conditioners Not Gvining Cold Air

Are you also the one whose car air conditioner not cold (แอร์ รถ ไม่ เย็น, which is the term in Thai)? This problem is very common for most cars. Even if all the setting is made correctly for the AC, it also happens that it does not blow the cold air. It is common but frustrating. Also, identifying the root cause of this problem is not easy as the air conditioner system is very complex to understand. Dealing with the problem is more difficult because it might affect other car parts.

Some typical causes of not blowing cold air from Air conditioners:

Leakage Of Refrigerant: 

Leaks in the refrigerant system are the primary cause of AC issues. It is very common as any circuit component or connection between the circuits can experience leaks. Mostly, the leaks are normally found in the external condenser. Any accident-related dent in the soft fins may be the cause of this. Applying some oil to the leak may help you find it.

Awful Cooling Fans: 

Another reason for your car air conditioner not cold is the negative condition of the cooling fans. Poor cooling fans can adversely affect the hot refrigerant released from the compressor.

Poor Compressor: 

If the Compressor is of bad quality or there is any sought of hindrance in the compressor, it will not be able to release cold air from the air conditioner. The common mistake that most people commit, which results in bad compression, is that they do not take proper care of it, do not go for services for a longer time, and keep using it as it is. It is similar to keeping off the air conditioner in winter and not even using it.

Blockage In Condenser: 

The absence of cold air from the air vents can also be why your air conditioner is not giving cold air. It can be a result of the blockage of the condenser. If you have moved your car in the muddy region, it’s highly possible that sludge is stuck in the condenser and blocked. As a result, there is a barrier between cold air and refrigerant. By doing this, the refrigerant eventually cannot cool, and you do not get cold air from an air conditioner.

Electrical Problems: 

If there is any sort of circuit malfunctioning, then it will prevent the signs from reaching the fans. The engine will consequently experience poor airflow and heat up as a result.