June 15, 2024

Why Consider Shatter As Your Next Purchase

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There are several reasons you should consider shatter as your next purchase in BC. Our store has a stunning range of shatte for sale in BC that can cater to your preferred extract needs. But enough about us, let’s tell you more about this sought-after concentrate. It is a translucent BHO that looks like amber and consistently reminds you of hard candy. Its beautiful glassy texture is partially responsible for why it gets its name, having a brittle structure that breaks apart like glass. In reality, this cannabis is slightly stretchier than it looks but certainly not as pliable as wax. Read on to find out more about this high-potency cannabis extract.

How Is Shatter Made

All concentrates are made by isolating trichomes that contain various cannabinoids and oils. Next, macerated cannabis is placed in a volumetric flask and mixed with liquid hydrocarbons, separating the oil from the plant matter. For lack of better phrasing, the result is a small explosion that ensures the elements are pulled apart to separate the trichome from the rest of the elements. The mixture is then slowly heated to remove as much butane as possible and purge the extract of any harmful elements. Smoking butane can be harmful to your lungs because it is toxic. Eventually, the resulting substance settles to the bottom, forming the well-known transparent sheet of BHO we are talking about.

Good Shatter Vs Bad Shatter

Now let’s talk about distinguishing between good and bad products when you have them in your hands. There are several different ways, some more obvious than others. We recommend using two or more of these ways to get a more accurate answer if the cannabis extract is proper. First, the dark colour is usually a sign of poor quality elements or high butane in the product. Quality shatter is often close to transparent – it should remind you of the toffee of a toffee apple. There are exceptions, as dark shatter may be in the form of oil, and clear shatter is in the form of shards. However, for a healthier high, always keep it simple and choose clear because it surely does have better quality. Does your extract have a rich aroma? A strong smell is a sign of good concentration, unlike a barely perceptible aroma would be a sign of mishandled plant matter or incorrect processing. If you smoke a lot, you can probably tell the quality of the product. This leads to the third piece of guidance. Don’t smoke the whole thing if you find a sample you like. Leave a little bit of it as a reference to choose a new strain. This way, you will gradually understand the aroma and flavour of shatter and help you develop your taste. The more you smoke good extract, the more you can understand the nuances that set it apart from the bad quality extract. 

How To Smoke Shatter

To choose how to smoke shatter, it’s best to try all the different methods to understand what you like and what is most accessible to you. A vape pen is probably the most accessible option to many and, likewise, more likely the option most people have seen. This extract can be put inside the cartridge or chamber and heated up like bud and other extracts. A water pipe or dab rig is another option, but it requires heating with a torch or electronic nail, making it much better suited for at-home smoking. Finally, the hot knifing method is a bit “old school,” but it works nonetheless. This makeshift dab rig has no water and uses a heated knife as a nail/dab tool. For those who enjoy a good evening jointly, you can sprinkle the broken concentrator on top of the flower and light it up. As the bud burns extremely hot, it can effectively activate the extract like a heated nail or dab rig. 

When you need top-shelf shatter, our online store has the range of shatter for sale in BC for you. Our range of products can tend to your smoking or concentrate needs. With the ability to order online, you have more access to these sought-after products, no matter where in Canada you may be. Contact us today to find out more.