June 20, 2024

Tips to Create a Great Challenge Coin

If you want to set a trend within the society and organization, it is best to create coins. Making challenge coins can be fun and exciting and it will always be in the fashion. Challenge coins normally originated in the military but have evolved majorly in recent times. It can be awarded as a physical proof to identify certain accomplishments and achievements.

Here are some tips to help you create your unique coins.

Pick a great design

When you are making the coin, you must be mindful of the design. The design must align well with the purpose of the coin. If the coin is made by any organization or a corporation, then it should bear the company’s logo on it. If the coins are made for suicide prevention, they should have a yellow or white ribbon displayed on them.

Choose the right metal

Next, you must ensure the coin is made up of the right metal. The coins are customarily made of brass, but you can use other metals like gold, silver or copper too. The metal will emphasize the design aspect.

Choose the right plating

People normally like picking the cheaper base materials and plate them with expensive materials. There are also multiple choices for picking the coin finish. You can pick gold or silver to have it fancier. To make it a bit antique, bronze or sandblasted nickel is the best solution. These ideas will help the 3D designs to get more prominent. The right plating will make your coin visible, and more attractive.

Pick the enamel finishing

The enamel finish will illustrate the coin’s design in a better way. You can choose the enamel in hard or soft varieties depending on the purpose. There are different sets of benefits to each but hard enamel is most commonly used. It also helps the coin to get a smoother finish.

Use great edging

The edge designs are equally important just like the internal designs. This will come as a surprise to many individuals but if you want a great coin, you must have a diamond cut edge on it. The final result will blow your mind. You can also choose the rope-cut or the flat-edged designs for your coins.

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